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IPBD owns, runs and facilitates commercial projects of all types in Iraq. The company’s core businesses are support services, property development, steel manufacturing, construction chemicals, trading and industrial lubricants.

For more than eight years, the company has employed thousands of personnel in Iraq engaged in varied activities.

IPBD has developed business ventures in different parts of Iraq. Apart from operations throughout Iraq, we have offices across the Middle East and Europe. IPBD can use both its internal resources and a wide contact base of organisations and individuals to fulfill customer requirements. The company is proud to have a proven track record of attaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

IPBD’s projects include a steel mill in Erbil and a construction chemicals company in Baghdad. IPBD has also taken up agencies and distributorships in key sectors.

In the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq, we are working in partnership with Sheikh Sirwan Sabir Barazani through our joint-venture companies Gebel Sara and GK Steel, based in Erbil.

With long term optimism for the region and a commitment to building a prosperous Iraq, IPBD’s management are focused on the importance of maintaining sustainable and thriving customer relationships that work to the benefit of all parties.

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